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Roulette Strategies

How to Win at Roulette Using Roulette Strategies

You can win at Roulette by using Roulette Strategies to maximize your wins. Some of these strategies include Fibonacci sequence, Martingale, D’Alembert and Outside bets. However, winning one unit per session doesn’t mean you will win in the long term. The house always has an edge, so you must remember that winning one unit is not an end all.

Fibonacci sequence

A simple way to win at roulette is to use the Fibonacci sequence. Starting with number one, you’ll bet one unit and move two numbers backwards until you win. This method does not guarantee a win every time, and you’ll likely lose more than you win.


A good Martingale roulette strategy will help you to make money in the short term and manage risk. It is important to understand that there are no guaranteed winning streaks and that losing streaks are normal. In fact, it is rare to lose 10 consecutive times. It is important to avoid losing money too quickly and to stick to your budget.


There are a number of D’Alembert roulette strategies. This system reverses the standard approach and uses variable stake amounts. Players increase their wager by a unit after a successful bet. The D’Alembert system works with roulette and many betting sites offer welcome bonuses that increase your initial stake.

Outside bets

If you have ever played roulette, you’re likely familiar with outside bets. In roulette, you can place a bet outside the wheel on the outside number of the wheel. This type of bet can have higher payouts than inside bets. For example, you can place a single bet on black and then make a second bet on one of the other outside numbers, such as red. These two bets will cover the same number of numbers twice, giving you a 26/1 chance of winning.

Betting on red or black

There are many different roulette betting strategies you can use to increase your odds of winning. The classic Martingale strategy involves starting with a small base bet and increasing it until you win. The Martingale strategy is perhaps the most famous. Begin by betting a low amount on a single color, then increase your bets by doubling them after each loss until you win.

Betting on odd or even numbers

If you’re looking to increase your odds of winning by betting on odd or even numbers, you may be interested in a betting strategy that uses Fibonacci sequences. This system uses the rule that the next number in a series is equal to the sum of the two numbers before it. This strategy is effective even with small bets.

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